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 '94 Grand Am I owned in the mid 90's

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'94 Grand Am I owned in the mid 90's Empty
PostSubject: '94 Grand Am I owned in the mid 90's   '94 Grand Am I owned in the mid 90's EmptyWed Mar 17, 2010 9:48 pm

'94 Grand Am I owned in the mid 90's Grand_Am

V-6 Auto car. Probably had the best power-to-weight ratio of any car I have had so far, with the exception of an RX-7.

It was a good handler, too. The teal paint drew me in like a moth to a flame and I washed this one every chance I got.

Traded an RX-7 for it in 1996 and sold it about two years later. The bucket seats left a lot to be desired and weren't very comfortable on long hauls.

Had to replace the struts and motor mounts about six months after I bought it (dealer did the work, not me).

Also my first exposure to ABS. Didn't really brake smoothly until I got the rotors turned and pads replaced. I was ignorant of ABS and waited longer than I should to have the brakes done because I thought the excessive pedal feedback was normal.

It was a very solid car after the above repairs were done.

One night I went driving to clear my head and was a little more tired than I realized. I came to a T intersection and didn't see the stop sign. I never braked but power-slid the car around to the right down the top part of the T. The front-wheel-drive brought the rear end around like it did it all the time.

I would surely have ended greasy side up in someone's yard in a RWD car.

I was so tired I just drove a while longer then went back to the crib. During this time they were building new units at the apartment complex I lived in and I remember collecting 4 nails in the tires in about a year.
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'94 Grand Am I owned in the mid 90's
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