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 Did some explorin' with my BIL today...

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PostSubject: Did some explorin' with my BIL today...   Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:03 pm

Bought some Timberland boots the other week and decided I needed to break them in.

Here are some pics of the remains of an old covered bridge that was destroyed by fire when I was in HS. Before it burned it was one of the last remaining covered bridges in the country. The center section burned away completely and apparently the rest was dismantled for safety reasons. Unfortunately the piers are all that remains of a bridge that was a testament to outstanding contruction talents of folks in the county.

Fortunately, my BIL knew of an old mill that was about 100 yards upstream from the bridge remains.

Here you can see the opening that allowed water to enter where the wheel was, which appears to have been inside the structure.

Here is the view from inside looking the other way. It gives you an idea of how much silt has built up over the years.

Here you can see where some of the stone used on the base was cut from.

If you look closely, you will notice a few vertical lines that look like holes drilled for dynamite to blast the stone away.

The height of the stone base was about 20' above the water line at it's highest point. Here you also can see the outlet port for the channel that powered the mill wheel.

Oh yeah, cat tracks, but they belong to a critter a little bigger than Finicky Morris.

It was at this point my constitutional right to bear arms became a raging hormone. Laughing

I think I'll sling a rifle the next time I come this way. Smile Cool
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Did some explorin' with my BIL today...
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