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 HHI Car Show Pics-Cars Part 5

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PostSubject: HHI Car Show Pics-Cars Part 5   Wed Mar 10, 2010 1:23 pm

The guy in the Olds pic below is looking up at a Jenny bi-plane that briefly flew over the show. The plane was flown by a guy named Glenn Farnsworth, IIRC. According to the show narrator, Farnsworth is a WWII P-38 Lightning ace that was a member of the same squadron that shot down Admiral Yamamoto, chief planner of the Pearl Harbor attack. I believe that squadron flew out of Henderson Field on Guadalcanal.

He did a loop in the Jenny. Couldn't get the camera to take the shot for some reason. Didn't really want to whack an innocent bystander in the face with the tripod. Smile

The guy has to be in his 80s if you do the age math on that one. Can't imagine myself pulling Gs that age.

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HHI Car Show Pics-Cars Part 5
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